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Armaan Resales Celebrates Growth as Dropship-ping Surges

by maria

Armaan Resales, the world’s fastest growing dropshipping network, has experienced significant commercial, team and client growth in 2021.

Despite the global pandemic, the nearly six-year-old company has grown 1,529% between 2020 and 2021. Alongside this, Armaan Resales has added 65 new team members and now employs 87 highly experienced people across 16 countries.

With the dropshipping market projected to reach $591.77 billion by 2027, Armaan Resales has cemented its market-leading reputation as a trusted partner for building dropshipping businesses that produce long-term success, sustained business growth and financial freedom.

Armaan Resales’ multi-million-pound growth has been prompted by a new generation of ecommerce business leaders who have realised their ambitions in recent years. This includes near-retirees after a way to bolster their retirement income or the desire to create a business to pass onto their children. Others include senior professionals searching for a career change or second-income stream, and Generation Z who are attracted to dropshipping’s flexibility.

Zaid Arshed, CEO and founder at Armaan Resales, said: “Having reinvested profits for many years, our core focus has always been to continually improve systems, processes and client experiences. During the first half of 2021, we invested over £600,000 in system improvements, which now allows us to deliver a complete, fully functioning business to our clients within as little as two weeks. Thanks to these investments, our teams are proud of the success we are enabling for our diverse client base by allowing business owners to capitalise on ecommerce’s continued success whilst allowing them the lifestyle and flexibility that they both want and desire.”


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