Home News Danske Bank partners with PushFar to develop mentoring programme

Danske Bank partners with PushFar to develop mentoring programme

Mentoring and career development platform PushFar works with Danske Bank to support employees’ career development

by wrich

London, UK; 21st February 2022: PushFar, a mentoring and career progression platform, has announced it is partnering with Danske Bank UK to  deliver a mentorship program which will enable colleagues to learn from each other and navigate their career journey.

Danske Bank turned to PushFar to set up an accessible and intuitive cloud-based mentoring platform in order to further support colleagues with development and career progression,with evidence showing that 87% of employees feel empowered by a mentoring relationship and develop greater confidence,.

The partnership means Danske Bank is the 100th organisation to work with PushFar on creating a mentorship program to improve career development, inclusion and diversity. It follows similar recent agreements with Arbuthnot Latham, Canaccord Genuity, Scholl and Bath Spa University to name a few.

PushFar now has more than 70,000 professionals using its platform as mentors or mentees.  PushFar has seen rapid growth in the past year with users climbing 107%  in 2021 as more and more professionals turn to mentorship programs to improve their career prospects and wellbeing. 

Research conducted by PushFar of 600 professionals showcased how important  mentoring has become as a differentiator for employees. 43% of respondents said that access to a mentoring programme would be a significant factor in their decision to stay with an organisation, and a third said that mentoring significantly helped them tackle  the challenges of remote work.

Ed Johnson, CEO and Founder of PushFar, said: “Since the start of 2021 we’ve seen an unprecedented level of demand from businesses and professionals across a huge variety of sectors. This interest is being driven by a number of major trends – remote working, the renewed focus on diversity and inclusion, and career reevaluation. 

“Mentorship provides a compelling solution to these challenges. During the pandemic it really helped remote workers stay connected and supported, it has also been proven to help the recruitment and career progression of people from underrepresented groups, and finally, it is both a way for employers to reduce turnover, and a way for workers to develop their skills and pursue new opportunities. In short, the simple act of connecting people to enable them to share their knowledge and experiences – both good and bad – can make a real and important difference. I look forward to working  with Danske Bank to make their mentoring plans a reality.”

PushFar, which was named by Startups as one of the top 100 UK startups, is a cloud-based career progression and mentoring platform that enables the efficient and cost-effective setup, management and reporting of mentorship programs. Features include mentor matching, mentor relationship management and mentor reporting, as well as highly  personalised professional event recommendations, job listings and networking opportunities.


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