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Mia and Tatiana to Launch Brand New Clothing Brand

by maria

Internationally renowned influencer sister duo Mia and Tatiana are launching their first ever clothing collection under their exclusive new brand, Mia X Tati.

At just five and three years old, the Sydney-based pair are Australia’s youngest influencers, having already worked with a roster of high calibre fashion brands including Balenciaga, Pangaea and Nike.

Having burst onto the fashion scene at Sydney Fashion Week in early 2021, the pair have quickly amassed an impressive cult following, with over 800k followers engaging with their daily outfit pictures.

The comfort-first collection, which is available exclusively online at https://miaxtati.com/, includes a range of gender-neutral, timeless staples deserving of every kid’s wardrobe which is synonymous with Mia and Tatiana’s now signature style.

With a total of eighteen different styles to choose from, the collection includes everything from tracksuit pants and shorts, to hoodies, sweatshirts, oversized tees and singlets. The relaxed streetwear-inspired range incorporates neutral tones and pops of colour for an effortless look which has been specifically designed to be worn mixed and matched.

Nga Escalante, Mia and Tatiana’s Mum had this to say, “Mia and Tati have always enjoyed wearing stylish and comfortable outfits. From a young age we were often complimented on the girls’ effortlessly cool style which has now developed into the iconic look that they are known for today.

“The creation of the Mia X Tati brand means the world to us. We really wanted to create something that is super stylish whilst making life easier for parents – they can pull out any of the basics from this collection and they all work seamlessly together.”

Mia and Tatiana have worked exclusively with Runway, sister platform of global creative agency Komodo to bring their brand vision to life.

Nick Seymour, Creative Director and Co-Founder says “Having been at the forefront of the industry for the last few years, Komodo is always looking for exceptional talents and creatives.

“We spotted Mia and Tatiana just prior to Australian Fashion Week and were blown away, not only by their style and aesthetic but also their incredible engagement – we’d never seen anything like it! The girls are absolute superstars and felt a natural progression to work alongside our sister company Runway to launch the girls’ very own gender-neutral fashion brand.”

The Mia X Tati collection is available to purchase from 10th December with prices starting from £30/$55 AUD/ $45 USD.


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