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New approach for resolving conflicts at work could save UK economy £28.5 billion per year

by wrich

The traditional discipline and grievance procedures are not working, says major new report.

Mediation specialist, The TCM Group, is calling for a Resolution Revolution.

Workplace conflict is costing UK organisations £28.5 billion each year says the UK’s arbitration service Acas[1]
For the past 20 years, The TCM Group (TCM) have been leading the way in developing innovative solutions to conflicts and grievances in the workplace. This week, TCM are announcing the launch of a new website providing access to a ground-breaking Resolution Framework™ – www.ResolutionFramework.com
CEO and founder of The TCM Group, David Liddle, believes that the Acas report proves, beyond reasonable doubt, that the traditional HR policies and management systems are no longer fit for purpose.

Speaking at the launch of www.ResolutionFramework.com, David explained: “This report demonstrates what I have been saying for years – that the traditional grievance and disciplinary policies have failed. They are proven to have a detrimental impact upon the wellbeing and experience of the workforce, on team effectiveness, and on the overall organisational culture. These policies offer a mirage of justice and an illusion of fairness. HR teams and business leaders who are serious about resolving people issues, should act quickly to remove these toxic policies from their employee handbook and replace them with a Resolution Framework – fit for the 21st century.”

TCM’s unique Resolution Framework™ seeks to balance the restorative principles of mediation with the needs and legal duties of the organisation. It also offers full legal compliance, in excess of the guidelines set out within the Acas code of practice.

In short, the Resolution Framework™ provides organisations with:
• A consistent, fair, and rigorous system for resolving conduct issues, complaints, concerns, and conflicts.
• A unique triage process, to decide, on a case-by-case basis, the best approach to resolution.
• Enhanced used of local resolution coaching, facilitation, mediation, and restorative justice.
• The ability to act swiftly and reasonably in more serious cases.
• Reduced time, costs, and stress

With the lockdown restrictions finally beginning to ease, David Liddle believes that there has been no more pressing time to ensure that organisations and their leaders are equipped to effectively deal with conflicts and concerns at work. He explains that ‘the past 18 months have taken a toll on all of us. We are advising all employers to ensure that they have the necessary systems in place to ensure that conflicts and complaints don’t disrupt their recovery and undermine the wellbeing of their employees.’

The Acas report has outlined the clear benefits of early resolution methods such as mediation. These approaches are proven to be highly effective and can take place at a fraction of the cost of formal procedures. “Most workplace problems start as a clash of interests or when one or both parties don’t feel that they have a voice.” Says David “This report provides clear support for organisations to adopt policies that seek to preserve relationships and to put our people and our values first. Early resolution is a sound investment, as it can significantly reduce the costs, the stress and the time taken up by a damaging workplace conflict.”

The report estimates that formal procedures have financial costs of around three times that of informal resolution (a figure which we believe to be conservative). By diverting the majority of issues away from formal processes and procedures, the TCM Resolution Framework™ offers a transformational option for a wide range of organisations.

1. https://www.acas.org.uk/costs-of-conflict


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