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Startup beats video conferencing behemoth in the race to become #1 on Product Hunt

by wrich

Sessions is a brand new hybrid communication and collaboration tool that’s set to rival the top video conferencing platforms on the market – and it beat an established global player on Product Hunt to become Product of the Day by almost double the upvotes

23rd July 2021 – Time for global players to look out, as the new kid in town has just smashed the competition on Product Hunt to become #1 Product of the Day on the hugely popular tech community, closely watched by investors looking for the next great creation. By the time of its listing on Wednesday, when it beat the site’s runner-up by almost double the upvotes, Sessions had already attracted over 3,000 users globally following its one-month beta window.  

Sessions is not just another video conferencing app. It is the platform that makes meetings better by bringing all your collaboration tools into one single space.

Launching worldwide this week, Sessions is the next-generation communication and collaboration tool that’s set to take hybrid meetings to a whole new level. By bringing together the entire process from planning, structuring, running to following-up, Sessions is designed to simplify your workflow, increase your productivity and help you finish your meetings on time, whether you’re a business manager, freelance designer, educator or a sales executive. 

Check out this video showing off the look and feel of Sessions: https://youtu.be/Cl2GLskahGM  

One of Sessions’ key ingredients is that you can pre-design your meetings around a clear agenda, assigning specialized built-in tools from a wide range of choices, for maximum efficiency and productivity. For instance, during live video conferencing, users can get instant access to the likes of embedded Google Docs, Miro (the collaborative whiteboard tool) or Notes (which are automatically shared as an email follow-up), without having to switch between tabs or access separate apps. As it’s all accessed within a single browser window, it enhances the flow, focus and engagement of the conversation – and its endless scalability means that additional integrations are already underway, including the likes of Figma, Spotify or Notion. 

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the platform’s user community during the beta window is also testimony to Sessions’ groundbreaking functionality. From UI/UX designers praising the ease with which they can set up and run a remote workshop, to account managers highlighting how the live agenda tracker helps to avoid unnecessary time wasting, allowing meetings to finish on time and improving company-wide efficiency within just a few days of implementation. 

Radu Negulescu, founder and CEO of FlowOS (the venture that powers Sessions), says: “The genesis of Sessions starts with a board meeting I had to set up remotely in March of last year, which made me realize that there is no tool out there that helps you manage the entire process of complex meetings: planning, structuring, running and following-up. We have videoconferencing and instant messaging apps, calendars, scheduling apps, cloud documents and drives, whiteboards and so on, but we don’t have a single tool that coherently integrates these functions for their ultimate purpose: the meeting itself. 

The idea for an all-in-one tool thus seemed super practical, exciting, and perfectly timed. We assembled a fantastic team, developed a super cool and simple prototype, got a lot of great feedback, and started building Sessions. Today, with the help of our beta users, we have perfected Sessions to become the flexible tool stack for any kind of online interactions. All professionals can plan and design their sessions around a clear agenda with specialized tools and resources for every moment of the meeting, regaining control over their meetings, without interruptions, meeting hijacking or missing documents, and most importantly, without any fatigue. 

Sessions is now available – try it for free via https://sessions.us/ 

See how Sessions performed against competing platforms here: https://pw2.akkio.com/?d=2021-07-21  

For additional assets, you can access the Press Kit via https://bit.ly/Sessions_PressKit


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