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TopSource Worldwide – the first Truly Global Employer Services Provider

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By Paul Sleath, CMO at TopSource Worldwide

Introducing TopSource Worldwide: the total employer service with an international footprint and the far-reaching expertise needed to take your business further.

TopSource Worldwide reflects the merging of five international companies — TopSource, PEO Worldwide, Practical Payroll Solutions, Payroll Bureau and Epsilon — that have pooled together to offer over 35 years of payroll and employment expertise from a centralised brand. Our services are easy to deploy, affordable and scalable, spanning from payroll and accounting functions to comprehensive employer of record solutions.

Despite some crossover in expertise, each brand has brought a unique offering to the table, synthesising years of experience and skill to create the world’s first truly international employment services provider.

An enhanced set of services

We’re now able to offer our clients an even better service through our global and market-leading platform. Our new services include global employer of record, global payroll and local payroll in the UK and India.

Global employer of record

Our employer of record services provide hassle-free management of your employees, from start to finish. Our expertise across several spheres — including holiday entitlement, non-confidentiality clauses, employment contracts, salaries and maternity/paternity leave — means we’re well equipped to keep your business on the right side of compliance.

Under our EOR umbrella, we also offer high-quality HRlegal and consultancy services for your business.

Global payroll

As payroll practices vary substantially from country to country, it can be a challenge to keep up — particularly with regulations changing so frequently. Our global payroll network provides compliant and consolidated payroll processing, giving you complete visibility of payroll data for all employees, no matter where in the world they’re based.

UK payroll

We provide an extensive suite of payroll services for businesses operating in the UK. As one of the UK’s leading payroll companies, we’ve developed sophisticated payroll systems for a range of clients in both private and public sectors. Our customer base spans a broad range of industries, including hospitality, construction, security, retail, charity, legal, accountancy and finance, technology and professional services.

India payroll

Our India payroll services are truly comprehensive and include a vast range of reporting and system options to ensure you and your staff always have access to up-to-date and correct information.

Our vision for the future

TopSource Worldwide comprises a professional, dedicated team that operates in every primary market around the world. We’ve got a passion for helping businesses grow and thrive, offering payroll and professional employer organisation services to companies of all shapes and sizes across an ever-evolving number of countries. Currently, we’re pleased to service over 100 countries — a figure which is only getting bigger!

But what makes us stand out? Well, we do it because we care.

Our culture of collaboration and approachability sets us aside from other employment service providers. We’re real people that have genuine relationships with our clients, vendors and partners, meaning you can expect a personable and approachable service from every member of our team.

We also pride ourselves on providing world-class services — offering a degree of service and business value to midsize companies that were previously only available to the largest global corporations. And we’re excited to bridge the gap and promote real change in this sector.

Plus, we understand that every client is different, which is why we shape our offering to deliver a bespoke service and fit our clients’ businesses — not the other way round.

To find out more about our totally global employer services and how we can help with your international EOR or payroll requirements, contact us today.   


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