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VIPRE’s Whitepaper Highlights the Need to Invest in a Human Firewall

by wrich

New report navigates meeting the security challenges of the modern, hybrid work environment

VIPRE, a leading provider of security solutions purpose-built to protect people and businesses from costly and malicious threats, has released its latest whitepaper, which explores the reasons why organisations should be investing more into their human firewall when it comes to data breaches and protection. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses had to quickly transition to a remote working model. Whilst hybrid working is no new concept, research undertaken by SWZD reveals that 25% of companies are continuing to work from home part-time, even though restrictions have now been lifted.

With this remote approach becoming an ever-growing trend in organisations, security measures, therefore, also need to adapt to suit this new working model. VIPRE’s report emphasises the importance  of businesses prioritising this change, and investing in protecting themselves and their workers from cyber attacks, such as implementing ongoing training and providing staff with the correct tools to prevent attacks. This has never been more crucial, as email phishing scams and malware attacks increased during lockdown, with hackers taking advantage of those who were away from the support of their IT teams.

Additionally, the ‘new normal’ of hybrid working opens up a variety of cyber attack points, including  unsecured internet connections, to simple distractions you normally wouldn’t have in an office environment. Protection starts with the human, as 85% of data breaches involve an internal mistake, indicating a need for change, and the foundation of this is investing in your human firewall.

The new report by VIPRE outlines the key principles that all companies and employees should have moving forward, including:

  • Security awareness embedded as part of company culture 
  • Security awareness as second nature 
  • Training for security awareness as an on-going process in the workplace
  • Staff to be informed of new threats and understand the processes to protect themselves and the company network.

As we enter this new modern work environment, and the more sophisticated security challenges it presents, alongside those of the traditional office-based workplace, investing in the workforce must take priority so that these threats can be fully addressed.  

Andrea Babbs, UK General Manager, VIPRE, comments: ”The key to a successful human firewall is changing the mindset of the human. With workforces now dispersed, it’s crucial that employees are fully trained and ready to act on security issues with the right tools at their disposal, instead of relying on IT support teams to assist them.”

“By following the key principles outlined in the report, companies have a better chance of preventing cyber attacks happening in the changeable work environment we are all experiencing.”

To find out more about VIPRE and its latest whitepaper on the human firewall, please download the full report here.


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